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On Tuesday, March 30, 2023 a Stakeholder Meeting on Liberia's Pro-Poor Agenda was convened by the Governance Commission in its conference room. The Commission is providing leadership on Pillar 4: Governance and Transparency which has two sectors (a) Building a more capable state and (b) reducing corruption. . The meeting brought together various stakeholders from the public and private sectors, civil society, and international organizations to discuss progress made in the various sectors and identify key challenges and opportunities moving forward.

The Pro-Poor Agenda is a development plan initiated by the Liberian government with the goal of promoting inclusive growth and reducing poverty. Pillar 4 of the State Building component focuses on improving governance, public sector management, and service delivery at the county level.

During the meeting, sector leaders presented updates on the implementation of their institution’s work, including efforts to strengthen county governments and enhance their capacity to deliver services. The stakeholders provided feedback and recommendations on how to improve the implementation process and ensure sustainability of the program.

A major challenge identified during the meeting was the need for greater coordination and collaboration among stakeholders. Participants emphasized the importance of engaging communities and local leaders to ensure that the Pro-Poor Agenda is responsive to the needs of the people.

Overall, the Stakeholder Meeting on Liberia's Pro-Poor Agenda was a valuable platform for stakeholders to share their perspectives and insights on the implementation of the State Building component. It provided an opportunity to reflect on progress made so far and identify areas for improvement to ensure that the Pro-Poor Agenda delivers tangible benefits to the people of Liberia.