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The general mandate or purpose of the commission shall be to:
• Promote good governance by advising, designing and formulating appropriate policies and institutional arrangements and frameworks required for achieving good governance, and
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GC Vision

The Governance Commission was a creation of the 2003 Accra Peace Accord to attend to Liberia’s numerous problems occasioned by the 14 year civil war. As we all know, the years of civil war left behind a complete breakdown of democratic governance in Liberia. Rebel factions took over governm... Read More

An Act of the Legislature to Establish The Governance Commission

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Our press release or statement is a written communication that is intended to inform the media, and thus, the public about our events, issues, products, or services. It is an important tool for doing business here at the commission. It helps us to share news and generate publicity.


promote transparency and accountability in the extractive industries


(Monrovia, September 21, 2020) The Governance Commission will on Tuesday September 22 host a one day policy dialogue with key stakeholders to promote t

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Policy Dialogue On Substance Abuse

The Governance Commission will on Wednesday, October 7th, 2020 hold a policy dialogue on “The Emerging Substance Abuse Crisis and its Effect on the Liberian Economy&r

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Liberian Economist Wants Government to Reduce Spending on Cars and Rents

 Liberian Economist Wants Government to Reduce Spending on Cars and Rents  

Economic Consultant Yanqui Zaza wants the n

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Press Release on the State of the Liberian Economy

Press Release on the State of the Liberian Economy

The President of the Liberian Bankers Association and President of LBDI, John Davie

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In keeping with Chapter 10, Article 10.1 of the Revenue Sharing Law (RSL) 2021, the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning shall issue regulations on the schedules and methods of transfers to local governments and sub-local governments units. Further, Chapter 10, Article 10.2 provides that revenues allocated and transferred to Local Govern...

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